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Basic information   How To Read A Forex Chart Properly

Miss understanding or making little mistake on reading a forex chart can cause loss. As many professional traders said, the key is good analyzing. The analyzing skills have an important role in this case, you will continue getting loss if you can’t do properly. In public case, foreign exchange market or general Forex have the function as the promoting comparison between world currencies against each other which indirectly it helps them as well as investors to take more benefits for related currencies. There are some steps to follow to read a forex chart properly.

Basic Steps

First step you have to do is by observing for up- to-date currency chart information. It is extremely important to able to read the currency charts accurately, be sure to get an access from a legitimate provider. For beginners, currency trading profits can be gained using a chart which offered by trusted brokerage services. There are many online brokerage services available on internet, they offer sophisticating services like currency charts to help understanding an up- to date current pricing.

Time Frame

Set the time frame is the next way to consider on reading forex chart. The values are available commonly only relevant to the specific time frames you have built. Crop your chart for specified time frame by using a paper chart. They usually used to change the view to a specific time frame such as 1 day, 5 days, 1 month and over.


At last, observation becomes the forex chart strategy can’t be separated from many traders. Fluctuations changes is a need that you have to understand on this step. Look at the line graph against an Y axis line. Horizontal axis known as Y axis shows you for a currency chart tends to comparative asset price. In the specified condition, it shows you the way your selected currency works against the currency which is represented by Y axis line.